A Word

Before I lay into my topic, I want to say that I’ve been cruising the blogisphere lately, and I’ve seen something that others possess that my blog severely lacks, namely pictures. As I have chosen to write about the influence that popular culture has on philosophy, and by extension, on our collective psyches, I realize that a tremendously important element of our popular culture is the visual image — the photograph, the motion picture, the television, YouTube, etc. I realize that my omission is well… disabling in that a blog about pop culture should reflect just that — popular culture. I should have pictures of Gerard Butler or Megan Fox plastered all over my blog. But I do not. It’s the philosopher in me that insists that I need not display flashing lights nor need I show big boobs to garner an audience. Which just serves to prove why Katy Perry is more popular than Alvin Plantinga.

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