I Used To Think I Should Put On A Laser Light Show

Sometimes, one can benefit from looking around at the people around you. I started this whole blog thing with the intention that this thing would help me to focus my thoughts enough to write a book. I would, I thought, write the book that I wanted to read when I was trudging through my philosophy classes — you know, that book written by some smartass who would say all sorts of stuff like “It’s not that important that you learn what Kant has to say about anything”, or “Philosophy is in the mind of the beholder”… Yeah. I stroked the ‘I’m going to write a book’ fantasy for quite a while. So far, no book. I haven’t even started. This would not be a problem, if not for the fact that I started to feel like I was doing something wrong. I have this blog, and I write about what I wanted to write about — the intersection between popular culture and philosophy — but I felt like I wasn’t doing things right. Like I wasn’t saying something important. Maybe it’s has to do with President Obama and the fact that we’re all supposed to be changing things. I wasn’t feeling like what I was doing was contributing to the change that we’re all supposed to be believing in. Who cares about how we can learn Kant’s metaphysics from an episode of The Brady Bunch? Will that create green jobs? Will knowing Popperian analysis of scientific theory create peace between the Palestinians and Israel? will it fix California’s budget problems? No, it won’t. But, then, I did something. I started to look around at what other people are blogging about. There’s the serious, ‘we’re telling you what’s the news’ folks at The Huffington Post, but mostly, there’s people who ar just like me, who just can’t keep their ideas to themselves. And that gave me comfort… for awhile. I wasn’t so bothered about having my blog anymore so much as I was troubled by the fact that my blog is just so boring! I mean, I think that I can write entertainingly. And occasionally, i can rip of a funny line or two. But the cold, harsh reality is that I write like a person who does philosophy. I mean, yeah, that’s what I’m writing about, but it’s what I sound like that really makes me want to stick my head out of the window while speeding past the mailbox, you know. I’m thinking now that I should have pictures pasted all over my blog. I should have pics of Kant and Hume, and a little area devoted to Wittgenstein, or links to Monty Python sketches. But, there’s something that tells me that it should the content that I should focus on — the flashing lights and go-go dancers are just too postmodernist. Maybe. Then again, would putting pictures of Kant up really make things more exciting?

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