Man Is Something To Overcome: Interstellar and Nietzsche (#1/3)

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Whilst watching Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, it struck me that behind all the out-of-this-world visuals (no pun intended) and somewhat corny over-sentimental dialogue, there was a whooole lotta Nietzsche going on, and that this film would provide a pretty solid gateway into some of the ideas of one of the most overrepresented and misunderstood blokes in modern (i.e., post-Kant) philosophy. Sort of.

Now, this isn’t exactly new stomping ground for Nolan. In 2008’s Dark Knight he had half the world on the edge of their seats wondering what the Joker, one of the most brilliant and captivating characters in 21st century film, would do next. Nolan’s Joker was basically middle-period, pre-epiphany Nietzschean philosophy walking and talking: Utterly nihilistic, thrillingly violent, and impossible to ever really know. He even makes overt allusions to Nietzsche, saying stuff like ‘Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you… stranger’, a modification of Nietzsche’s ‘That which does not kill…

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