Once ignored by professional philosophers and dismissed as philosophically useless, popular culture has proved the ideal medium for teaching complex philosophical concepts such as free will and determinism, identity, ethical theories, knowledge, and the meaning of life to non-philosophers. By learning to view music, movies, television, literature, celebrity culture, and current events through a philosophical lens and find the hidden (and not so hidden) philosophy in out popular culture.

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  1. Interesting… love the way you put that. Absolutely makes sense. Just because it’s pop culture doesn’t mean it won’t have layers of hidden meaning. Thanks for stating it so well. Also, thanks for the follow!

    • why, thank you. i had nearly given up my “quest” to convince at least 10 people that there is indeed a hidden meaning behind “the A-Team” and “the Jerry Springer Show”.

      if anything, saying that i’m looking for the hidden meaning behind pop culture gives me a reasonable excuse to watch the kardashians.


  2. Hey man, thanks for liking that Interstellar and Nietzsche post. We’re doing kind of similar things but from different sides of the Atlantic, which is really cool. Feel free to reblog that nietzsche post, or anything we do for that matter: we could really use the help getting off our feet!

    • For starters, thanks for reading our blog!
      We’re interested in suggestions, but we can be quite picky about writing on suggested material (sadly, no one here watches Game of Thrones, so a “write about GoT” suggestion may go unheeded *winky face*).

      We’re open to contributions on our Facebook page. If you have philosophy or philosophy-adjacent material you want to plug (blog, book, website, rants on a street corner), feel free to advertise on our FB page (search for The Mindless Philosopher).



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